It's been over two years since we released our début album All The Lights In The Sky, and what a ride it's been. We've done things in the past 24+ months that we could previously have only dreamt of, and it's all thanks to how passionate and supportive you guys have been towards our music and the band. We thank you from our collective core. And with that chapter now over, we invite you to join us on our next adventure.

Our second album still has no name. We've not even finished writing it (but we're close!). Yet it will be, in the words of us right now (and you can quote us on this), a masterpiece, and we would love you all to share in the journey of making this record with us.

Area 11 came into being under a very specific set of circumstances. Firstly, we came together with a shared vision: to create music which stood as a unique pillar in the ever homogenising house of rock and roll. It also came from a place of freedom. Fresh out of the education system, fighting hard against the pressures to give up on our ambitions, we were given the time and resources to make an album. This freedom allowed us to create the music on ATLITS, and it's something we acknowledge as key to it's success.

In order to remain in control of our music, we feel it necessary to re-create this environment. And in this spirit, we turn not to a corporate machine for investment, but to you, our fans, our belovéd disciples, who are every bit as as much a part of this project as we. We want to make a record that takes the band to a higher plane of existence, where art, pop, philosophy and narrative co-exist.

Even though work has just begun, our second album is now available for pre-order, in a myriad of different forms. Getting it now not only allows you access to unique and exclusive, one-of-a-kind rewards, but it allows us to make the best record we can make, and the one that you deserve. Move your eyes to the right (or scroll down on mobile) to see what we have on offer.

We won't patronise you any longer; you all understand the concept of crowd-funding and we don't intend to underestimate your group intelligence.


Sparkles*, Kogie, Parv & Leo

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